Glenn Highway & Muldoon Road Interchange Project Road & Ramp Changes

PEDESTRIAN PATHWAY CLOSURE: The pedestrian tunnel under Muldoon Road is CLOSED long-term, until construction of a new tunnel is complete. Pedestrians will need to follow the temporary path to Golden Bear Drive (Tikahtnu entrance), cross Muldoon Road at the signal, and follow the path back to the east side of Muldoon Road.

Expect new traffic patterns on the northbound Glenn Highway Off-ramp at Muldoon Road where a new temporary signal and intersection is in place. All traffic exiting the northbound Glenn Highway onto Muldoon will use the old southbound Muldoon Road Off-ramp and either turn left or right at the new signal when they reach Muldoon Road.


Expect intermittent night work with LANE RESTRICTIONS and flagging operations from 9:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday and be alert to flagging operations, shoulder work and trucks entering and exiting the roadway within the project area.