Capital Improvement Projects Survey – have your say!

Each Spring, community councils must set priorities for next year’s local funding requests for streets, drainage, parks, etc. before May 31. Your input is requested. Please rank the Municipality’s listed items in order of importance and suggest other projects if you think they are more urgently needed. This brief (3-question) Capital Improvement Projects Survey will guide the SFCC board in setting funding priorities for the next fiscal year and beyond. Thank you for your time!

You can find more information about the Capital Improvement line items on this web page, which will be completed by the board after survey input from council members is received and tabulated:

The Municipality’s list includes a few projects outside our council’s boundaries. They are using the survey to get input from all the councils regarding support for areawide projects. These are not projects initiated by our community council. Come to the May 1 Scenic Foothills Community Council meeting to learn more about the capital improvement project funding process.

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